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Lido (Service-Provided Beaches)


Chiapparo Carlo      
viale Delle Dune San Leone 10, Agrigento (AG)


Holiday Park   
viale delle Dune San Leone 1, Agrigento (AG)


Lido Ficodindia           
lungomare Ficodindia , Porto Empedocle (AG)


Lido Rocca     
contrada Pisciotto , Licata (AG)


Lido Sabbia d'Oro      
contrada Monte Stella , Siculiana (AG)


contrada Mollarella , Licata (AG)


Memeo Giuseppe       
lungomare Gagarin , Ribera (AG)


via Nino Profumo 11, Licata (AG)





Porto NíTone di Lampedusa, AG
type of beach: sandy ; ideal for snorkelling
     Port NíTone of Lampedusa is situated on the southern coast of the island of Lampedua. The white sand beach is small, no more than 10 meters, but the rich sea bed makes it ideal for snorkelling. The water that bathes it changes colours from cobalt blue to turquoise. It is perfect for families with small children.


Cala Madonna di Lampedusa, AG
type of beach: sandy ; ideal for nsorkelling
     Cala Madonna is situated on the southern coast of the island of Lampedusa, just west of Cascate della Croce. The beach, facing the blue Mediterranean sea, is wide and filled with white sand. It is an ideal beach for families as there is a kiosk that rents out sun beds and umbrellas.


Cala Uccello di Lampedusa, AG
type of beach: mixed ; ideal for lovers
     Cala Uccello of Lampedusa, situated on the east coast of Agrigento, just south of Pisa's most picturesque falls, is a small beach cove with a bottom that gently slopes toward the sea. It is surrounded by rocks offering cover and privacy which makes it ideal particularly for lovers.


Cala Galera di Lampedusa, AG
type of beach: ideal for snorkelling
     Cala Galera is a cove at the mouth of a very deep valley, located inside the Natural Reserve of  the island of Lampedusa. Typical Mediterranean vegetation, such as carob, Euphorbia, figs and mulberries, abound giving shade to beach lovers. It is a beautiful sandy beach surrounded by a transparent, turquoise and crystal clear sea teeming with fish.


Cala Pisana di Lampedusa, AG
type of beach: sandy
     Cala Pisana di Lampedusa is a cove situated on the east coast, south of Cala Creta and only 1.5 km from the town of Lampedusa, the island's only town. This natural bay has a quaint and isolated but beautiful beach that is much loved by the locals.


Cala Maluk di Lampedusa, AG
type of beach: ideal  for snorkelling
     Cala Maluk, situated on the southeastern coast of the island of Lampedusa, is one of many beautiful bays that characterize this stretch of coast. The bay was once used primarily for the treatment of sponges. The bays can be accessed by boat but the beach is readily accessible along the road.


Cala Croce di Lampedusa, AG
type of beach: sandy
     Cala Croce di Lampedusa is a beautiful natural bay located east of the Guitgia beach, not far from the town of Lampedusa. The bay has two beaches characterized by soft white sand and lapped by a blue sea that changes in hue throughout the day depending on the reflections of the sun on the water. The sea is almost always calm and flat as the bay is well protected from winds.


Cala Francese of Lampedusa, AG
type of beach: ideal for snorkelling
     Cala Francese is a charming sandy beach ideal for families with children looking for an opportunity to explore and observe the world under water. The beach is suitable for snorkelling due to the many rocky gorges and clear waters of the sea. The rocks also provide seclusion for lovers making it a romantic beach as well.


Spiaggia di Castellazzo a Palma di Montechiaro, AG
type of beach: pebbly and rocky
     The Castellazzo Beach in Palma di Montechiaro, situated midway between Agrigento and Licata, is  a series of small bays with pebbly coastline. The bays are immersed in a wild coast towered by chalk cliffs and peaks. The stony bottom of the sea is clearly visible through the clear blue water that washes its shores.


La Spiaggia San Leone, AG
type of beach: sandy
     The beach of San Leone is located in the hamlet of the same name. It is a beautiful stretch of beach having soft golden sand. The sea washes to shore blue sea-scented tropical algae. Althpugh the area is often windy, which makes it popular among surfers, a few meters from the shore are the reefs which act as natural barriers. The coast is lined with numerous bars, nightclubs and restaurants, and is located near the beautiful Valley of the Temples.


Spiagge Punta Bianca Ė Monte Grande, AG
type of beach: sandy
     Punta Bianca - Monte Grande is the promontory that bounds the eastern Gulf of Agrigento. It consists of white limestone similar to that of Scala dei Turchi. Punta Blanca is a beautiful and wild rocky outcrop that juts out to sea, surrounded by small bays with beaches of golden sand  or pebbly shore. The bays are separated from each other by small headlands that overlook a beautiful blue sea. Particularly striking is the bay of Palma close to the castle in Capreria.


Spiaggia Capo San Marco di Sciacca, AG
type of beach: sandy
     The Beach of Cape San Marco di Sciacca, located about 7 kilometers from the city, is a series of small coves where the limestone gives way to yellow sand. The beach is dominated by yellow due to the particular shade of the mountains that protect the bay. The coast is sandy and the sea is clear as ​​glass, with a deep bottom and reefs rich in flora and fauna, which makes it a haven for divers.


Cala Pulcino di Lampedusa, AG
type of beach: sandy
     Cala Pulcino is a very picturesque gorge which lies on the southern side of the island of Lampedusa, not far from the famous Spiaggia dei Conigli (Rabbit Beach). The beach is covered by blinding white sand and a clear blue sea with a shallow bottom. Many caves and gorges are scattered around the beach, making the landscape even more impressive. 


Spiaggia Scala dei Turchi di Realmonte, AG

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type of beach: sandy
     The beach of Scala dei Turchi in Realmonte is the jewel of the coast of Agrigento. It is dominated by a promontory of the same name, and white chalk cliffs overlooking the sea, where wind, waves and rain have, over the millennia, shaped the natural grand staircase, a succession of broad terraces, furrows and terraces, that slope down towards the sea below. Fine golden sand stretches east and west of the promontory, surrounded by the towering chalk cliffs and lapped by a beautiful turquoise sea.

Cala Greca di Lampedusa, AG
type of beach: sandy
     Cala Greca is situated on the southern coast of the island of Lampedusa, not far from Cala Croce. It is a beautiful beach of soft white sand, bordered by dramatic cliffs that had been shaped by wind and sea. The turquoise sea is extraordinarily transparent.



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